Saturday, 26 April 2008

Girls of Perth

Arun was messing around on his geetar at my place the other night.

This was the outcome of a booze fuelled jammin session.

My dog, Benn, growls at the start.

Girls of Perth.

Well we left from London in the morning on QF1
Got to Singapore did what had to be done
Then the next day over Shark bay above this mighty earth
I got a glimpse of the girls of Perth

Now off QF2 me and Bob we drank Bundaberg and VB
The whole the way down to Northbridge till we met Jackie Jones and Annie Lee
Bob said I ain't here for the Sun and I said I ain't here for here for the surf
We're here for the girls of Perth

Oh the temperature is rising
Hotel rooms full of bottles of beer
Bob can't think straight
And I cannot see that clear

Now you got Sydney Harbour and you got Ayers Rock
You can see the mighty landscapes go and see the Wave Rock
But me and Bob will say the only reason that's worth
You got to see some girls...the girls of Perth.

Well I know I've only planned one thing from my birth
Go and see the girls of Perth

(C) Arun Bhanot 2008

Monday, 7 April 2008

Arun's Debut Video

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Arun's Song Statistics

Arun has been a member of soundclick for sometime now. His music has been listened to a total of 2,210 times, the most popular being the track 'Judge Ainsworth'

His music has been downloaded a total of 710 times

Here are his songs: Feel free to leave a comment.